As-Sidq Financial Marketplace is designed to help financial institutions create product visibility in the digital space, increase awareness and acquire more quality leads.

Product Overview

End users rely on to find, match and apply for Shariah-compliant financial products issued by financial institutions. 

Leads from are screened based on our leads scoring funnel prior submission to our clients via an online secured dashboard.

Our platform


Matches qualified applicants with suitable Shariah-compliant financial products, issued by our strategic financial institutions partners.


Designed as a fully digital platform,

with a simple and orderly matching and application process.

This ensures the application process is transparent and uncomplicated.

Data Secured

Processes all personal details and documents automatically and securely. We ensure integration with partners runs smoothly to expedite the application process.

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Our website traffic acquisition strategies:


Search / Direct




Social Media




Digital Ads

Digital Solutions

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A comprehensive platform that includes e-KYC, Credit Reports and FinTech process journey that enables financial institutions and credit communities to screen financing applications easier and faster.

Increase engagement with end-users by upgrading and digitalizing your financing application process.

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With our experience and understanding on market needs for Islamic products, we are able to assist our clients to acquire quality leads and publish relevant content that contribute to revenue such as financing applications, credit card sign-ups and Takaful purchases.


Our Digital Marketing Service consists of Paid Media Ads, SEO and other digital marketing strategies.