Digital Transformation for Licensed Money Lenders

Acquire customers easier, process applications faster and keep track of loan repayments in one dashboard via GoHalal Financing Program (GHP)

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Innovation for the New Normal

GHP provides digital tools including online basic credit checks, Direct Debit System collection, insurance protection, support and procedures to move your business online.

Plus, GHP offers an opportunity to implement Shariah-compliant products quickly and easily via our Shariah Advisory and Consultancy partner.

Creating business growth and innovation for money lending business have never been so easy.

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Automate and expedite the lending process via an established digitalized platform, available 24/7.

Direct Debit e-Mandate

Easily keep track of your recurring loan payments with automated collection via Direct Debit.

Takaful Protection

Protect yourself against bad debts with Takaful protection covering death and TPD.


Take advantage of the growing demand in Islamic financing as customers
are becoming more interested in ethical and good moral practices.

Optimize Operations

Reduce operation cost and recovery resources while simplifying reporting and customer management.

Digital Marketing

Expand your market reach via online marketing with cost-effective digital marketing plans.

Shariah Compliant




Act Now!
Avoid being labelled as "Ah Long" or "Scammers"

Are illegal money lenders damaging your reputation and affecting your business?

Differentiate yourself from loan sharks and see major benefits to the ethical practices and processes under GoHalal Financing Program, automatically increasing customers trust and business credibility.

Sedania As Salam Capital has successfully deployed
end-to-end Islamic based financial digitalization to various Financial Institution segments


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