Helping you offering

Shariah Compliance products by providing the necessary procedures and required tools

Why Go Halal Financing?

Go Halal Financing Program offers you top-notch solution

Automated Monthly Debit

You can now have the ability to control repayment patterns

Shariah Certification

Open  to more business opportunities with Shari’ah Certification


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Shariah Compliant

Loans will be automatically processed via Shariah Compliant Platform

Open to Variable Rates

You no longer have to comply to 12% and 18% rule on the interest rates

Takaful Protection

The Loans Disbursed is protected via Takaful coverage

Digital Marketing

Promote your products digitally with

cost-effective digital marketing plans

Disburse First,

Stamp Later

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Benefits of Islamic Financing

Islamic Financing is a preferred choice among countries that have accepted it as a financial discipline

Follows Syariah


Completely free from unethical elements and immoral practices (interest, gambling, etc)

Stability in


Islamic Finance analyses & rules out companies with risky financial practices via

thorough audits



Islamic banking will only invest in promising business ventures, resulting in high ROI

Loss & Risks

are Shared

Net profits & loss are shared among shareholders

We have successfully deployed
end-to-end Islamic based financial platform/automation & integration to various Islamic Financial Institution segments

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