Expand your business reach by offering Syariah compliant financing products to consumers.

GoHalal Financing Program is a set of necessary procedures and required tools needed by the licensed credit community (KPKT license holders) to ensure full Shariah compliance of their financing product offering.

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Seize the opportunities of what GoHalal Program has to offer


Acquire leads and applications digitally, including credit checks.

Develop Inclusive Products

Shariah compliant products are developed for the entire market, regardless of the consumers’ religious beliefs, thus not excluding any segment.

Direct Debit e-Mandate

Reduce the risk of non-performing loans with automated direct debit


Shariah Compliant

Utilise an established 24/7 commodity trading platform to fulfil Shariah compliance when processing loans.

Takaful Protection

Disbursed monies are protected with Takaful coverage.

Digital Marketing

Promote your products digitally with

cost-effective digital marketing plans

Overcome the

"money lender" 


Consumers see major benefits to the ethical practices and processes of the organization, automatically increasing trust.

Benefits of Islamic Financing

Islamic Financing is a preferred choice among countries that have accepted it as a financial discipline

Follows Syariah


Completely free from unethical elements and immoral practices (interest, gambling, etc)

Stability in


Islamic Finance analyses & rules out companies with risky financial practices via

thorough audits



Islamic banking will only invest in promising business ventures, resulting in high ROI

Loss & Risks

are Shared

Net profits & loss are shared among shareholders

We have successfully deployed
end-to-end Islamic based financial platform/automation & integration to various Islamic Financial Institution segments